Echoing Ida. Editor

I edit and coach black women and non-binary writers who do not have ready access to media, training nor editors because of geography, class, social network, occupation, racism, etc. Founded by Alicia Walters in 2012, Echoing Ida writers have been published in Rewire, The New York Times, Ebony, The Nation, Elle, Feministing, and more.


NY Writers Coalition. Workshop Leader

Everyone is a writer. NYWC provides free creative writing workshops to marginalized or neglected populations in New York City. Leaders are trained in the Amherst method, and we run weekly drop-in creative writing workshops in public libraries or private institutions serving seniors, youth, people who are incarcerated or formerly incarcerated, people living with disability, etc.


DevelopHaiti. Founding Editor

In 2010, after the earthquake, I raised funds for a 6-week reporting trip to Haiti and created a platform to include the Haitian diaspora in U.S. media narratives about their country. I participated in a global dialogue to challenge ‘good intentions’ and ‘white savior’ stories. Since then, the aid narrative has expanded dramatically because of a new generation of networked and educated diaspora voices like mine.